VLADIMIR Putin has been granted permission to build a super army to crush Islamic State (ISIS) fanatics at home and abroad. The National Guard force – which was approved by the Russian parliament today – will be put under the

Tens of thousands of lives have been saved and a million people have received aid, thanks to Syria ceasefire established with Russia’s help, US Secretary of State John Kerry said. However, he was critical of Moscow’s ‘unworkable’ proposal to end

FEMALE troops in Moscow showed a little more thigh than their male counterparts at Red Square’s Victory Day parade this week. The women were dubbed “Putin’s miniskirt army” after their skimpy uniforms turned heads in the Russian capital. In a

Russian president was showing off his stick skills during a game against amateurs when he fell on the rink From bare-chested horse riding to swimming the icy waters of Siberia, Russian president Vladimir Putin is keen for the world to