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Manipulation of the news for propaganda purposes is not the prerogative of the west’s enemies. It’s vital to look at all media, including the UK’s, with a critical eye As tensions continue to escalate with Russia, increasing attention is being

It’s so darn confusing being Russian sports fan Vladimir Putin these days. He whines when he should celebrate. He complains when he should be happy. He screams about discrimination when he instead should say, “Thanks for the gift, Thomas Bach.”

A hack of Democratic party emails has been blamed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team on Russian agents trying to help Republican Donald Trump. So are there really any links between the New York hotel developer and Moscow?. Several pundits have

The leaders stressed that Donbass “will not recognize the Ukrainian laws that have not been coordinated with its representatives and moreover will not hold elections in line with them” Peace in Donbass is possible only if the sides comply with

The foreign minister considers handing the ex-servicewoman over to Kiev the right decision as Moscow had to bring back its citizens sentenced on terrorism charges in Ukraine Savchenko’s release in exchange for Russian citizens was a right step, Russian Foreign

If the EU fails, the potential continental contagion would not spare Russia, writes Mary Dejevsky While international views of Britain’s referendum on EU membership are eagerly solicited and picked over, and Germans, Chinese and Americans may be quizzed by either

Russia and China have strengthened their cooperation and proved their partnership is vital despite Western sanctions and Washington’s disapproval of their strategic alliance, participants of the Russia-China forum in Moscow told RT. “Together we can become a center that can

Crazy Russian Vlog

My Crazy Russian Vlog RT Doc’s Peter Scott has lived in Russia for 7 years but still manages to find things that surprise him. He sets out to experience the craziest Russian entertainment he can find and begins his quest