Inaction man: Vladimir Putin slips up during all-star ice hockey game
May 11, 2016
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Inaction man: Vladimir Putin slips up during all-star ice hockey game

Russian president was showing off his stick skills during a game against amateurs when he fell on the rink

From bare-chested horse riding to swimming the icy waters of Siberia, Russian president Vladimir Putin is keen for the world to know of his physical prowess.

The fearless leader has been photographed hang-gliding, bob-sledding, diving the Black Sea and even hugging a polar bear.

But even the most active of action men is not immune to taking a tumble. And Putin did just that on the ice at Sochi on Tuesday, when he slipped during an ice hockey game.

Putin had been showing off his stick skills by scoring a goal and two assists in an amateur ice hockey game.

The president, sporting a red jersey with blue trim and the number 11 on his back, led a team of officials, businessmen and former players to a 9-5 victory over an amateur selection in the annual Night Hockey League festival game, the Kremlin said.

But the win came at a price. At one point during the game, Putin slipped over on the ice, landing on his backside with his legs in the air.

The undignified incident was captured by a rink-side photographer.

Later Putin was seen fist-bumping team mates, waving to the crowd and firing shots at the opposition goalie. At the end of the game he was handed a large trophy by former Soviet Union player Alexander Yakushev.


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