Russia and China have strengthened their cooperation and proved their partnership is vital despite Western sanctions and Washington’s disapproval of

Vladimir Putin has set up Soviet military-patriotic movement ‘Young Army’ So far 104 schoolchildren have joined scheme that has echoes

Russia’s foreign minister says President Vladimir Putin’s planned trip to China will give powerful new impulse to ties between the

VLADIMIR Putin has been granted permission to build a super army to crush Islamic State (ISIS) fanatics at home and

Tens of thousands of lives have been saved and a million people have received aid, thanks to Syria ceasefire established

FEMALE troops in Moscow showed a little more thigh than their male counterparts at Red Square’s Victory Day parade this


Russian president was showing off his stick skills during a game against amateurs when he fell on the rink From bare-chested horse riding to swimming the icy waters of Siberia, Russian president Vladimir Putin is keen for the world to know of his physical prowess. The fearless leader has been photographed hang-gliding, bob-sledding, diving the Black Sea and even hugging a polar bear. But even the most active of action men is not immune to taking a tumble. And Putin did just that on the ice at Sochi on Tuesday, when he slipped during an ice hockey game. Putin had

The most admired man and woman in the world are Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie according to a new poll VladimirPutin is admired more than Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama, according to a new survey. YouGov’s “world’s most admired” poll for 2016 places the Russian president sixth out of the top 20 most admired men while the Dalai Lama is ranked 8th and Pope Francis at 13th. Microsoft CEO Bill Gates tops the list for the second year running followed by Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Jackie Chan and Stephen Hawking. Hawking was voted the most admired man in the UK. The